What is the Abram Street Rebuild Project?

The Abram Street project is one of the largest street rebuilding projects in the City's history. Abram Street is one of the major gateways into The American Dream City, providing access to the Entertainment District, Downtown, the Cultural District, the University of Texas at Arlington and other destinations. The section between Cooper and Collins Streets is the final section of the City's Abram Street Rebuild, which started at the Grand Prairie city limits east of SH 360 in July 2014 and progressed west to Collins Street. 

Arlington voters approved funding for the project in the 2008 Bond Election.

Do you know when you will get to each section?

To complete the project as efficiently as possible, it has been divided into seven major phases.


Phase 1:  Drainage and paving improvements on the west side of the Abram and Cooper Streets intersection were completed in December. Improvements to the north side of the Levitt Pavilion from Pecan Street to Center Street. Construction of the Levitt Pavilion portion was completed in early August 2018.

Phase 2:  Installation of new water and sanitary sewer lines on Abram Street between Jeffries Street and Weeks Avenue, as well as on Weeks Avenue itself. This work was completed in July 2018.

Phase 3: 
Installation of improved storm drain and water lines from Cooper Street to West Street was completed in July 2019. In September, work to install new storm drains and sanitary sewer lines was completed between Jeffries and Collins Streets.

Phase 4A:  In December 2018, the installation of new storm drains and sanitary sewer lines, as well as repaving Pecan Street was completed.

Current and Future

Phase 4B:
  Complete reconstruction of the north side of Abram Street between Cooper and Collins Streets, including water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater utility improvements, and construction of the City Hall South Plaza. The construction of the City Hall South Plaza is anticipated to be completed by May 2020. The planned improvements include trenching, new structures, and landscaping. The reconstruction of the roadway is scheduled to be completed by August 2019.

This phase also includes reconstruction of Abram Street between Center and West Streets. Due to the intricate nature of the work being performed on this section of the road and the desire to minimize the impact to traffic, this section of Abram Street will be closed to all traffic beginning May 1, 2019. The road is expected to reopen to traffic on July 1, 2019.

Traffic detours are available on UTA Boulevard to the south or Main and Division Streets to the north.

Phase 5:  Scheduled to begin in June 2019, this phase will consist of the rebuilding of the center lane of Abram Street from Cooper Street to Collins Street.

Phase 6:
   Complete reconstruction, including water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater utility improvements, of the south side of Abram Street between Cooper and Collins Streets. This phase scheduled to be completed by February 2020; however, the section of Abram Street between Cooper and Oak Streets may be completed as early as September 2019.

Phase 7:  Reconstruction of the intersection of Abram and Cooper Streets, including water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater utility improvements. Due to the complex nature of reconstructing a heavily traveled intersection, this phase has been further divided into eight phases. Phases 1 and 2 are complete and consisted of reconstructing the west side and northeast quadrant of the intersection. Construction of Phase 3, the southeast corner of the intersection, is currently underway. Phases 4-8 are scheduled to begin within the next six months and include reconstruction of the main lanes of Cooper Street.

Will Center and Mesquite Streets be closed during the project?

Center and Mesquite Streets will remain open to traffic; however, it may be necessary to temporarily close lanes to allow for construction activities.

What will happen to the existing sidewalks and green spaces?

The existing sidewalks will be replaced with new and wider sidewalks. The new sidewalks will consist of a combination of concrete and pavers along the entire corridor. To compliment the new sidewalks, new landscaping consisting of various trees, bushes, and planters will also be installed.

It seems like Abram Street east of Collins Street is a shorter length of roadway and took more than 2 years to complete. You are estimating the section from Collins to Cooper to only take 2 years, how is that possible?

The construction contract allows the contractor to work extended work hours and provides the contractor with incentives to finish early and penalties for missed deadlines.

The construction of Abram Street east of Collins Street included a bridge, which posed additional construction challenges.

What utilities will be replaced with the project?

New sanitary sewer, water, and stormwater infrastructure will be installed as part of the roadway and intersection reconstruction.

Overhead electric, telephone, and cable utilities are not owned by the City of Arlington and are not included as part of this project.

How do I stay up-to-date with lane closures and other news about the project?

The City of Arlington is working closely with the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation through the MyAbram website and other outlets to communicate lane closures, construction milestones, and other important information to residents, visitors, and the business community. MyArlingtonTV's Downtown Arlington:  Open for Business episodes, which spotlight businesses in the construction zone, are also available on the City's YouTube Channel.

You can also track the progress of this project and many others happening throughout Arlington by visiting the City's Street Tracker webpage.

Additionally, the City has partnered with Waze to give drivers the best experience possible to get around town. Drivers can download Waze for free at www.waze.com/get for iOS and Android and see real-time traffic, find optimal routes, avoid road closures and more.