What is the purpose of an abandonment?

An abandonment relinquishes the City’s interest in all or a portion of the previously dedicated public easement or street or alley right-of-way, thereby giving a property owner more usable area. A property owner may apply to abandon easements on his/her property or right-of-way/alley adjacent to his/her property. Abandonment does not assign ownership or affect other property rights in the abandoned property, but rather releases the City’s interest in the area.

What area can I abandon?

The area can be a portion or all of the easement or right-of-way/alley depending on the use and purpose of the easement or right-of-way/alley. For right-of-way or alley abandonment, public easements may need to be retained.

Easements that are strictly designated for a specific service or utility provider will need to be abandoned through that respective service or utility company(s).

What if there are public utilities in that area?

For additional information, please contact Sabino Martin, P.E., with the Public Works Department, at 817-459-6582 or via email.