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The Arlington Police Department offers several online tools members of the public can use to look up incident reports and monitor crime in their neighborhoods.

Most reports are available in Police Records 72 hours after the reports are taken.

Certain types of incident reports are not legally releasable to the general public and cannot be viewed online, including

  • cases involving a suspect who is under 17-years-old
  • cases involving a victim who is under 18-years-old
  • cases involving an allegation of sexual assault
  • cases involving an inappropriate teacher / student relationship
  • cases involving the commitment of an individual for mental health purposes
  • cases related to undercover investigations such as narcotics and gambling
  • offenses occurring at mental health institutions
  • cases with court ordered non-disclosure orders, expungements, and / or seals

Search Incident Reports

This tool allows users to search and view public versions of Arlington PD incident reports. To use this tool, you will need either:

  • a case number, which is typically the year the incident occurred followed by an 8-digit number (YYYY-XXXXXXXX)
  • the date of the incident AND the full name of an individual involved in the incident

Crime Search by District, Beat, or Crime Type

This tool allows users to search crime reports by Police District (North, South, East, West), Beat, or crime type.

Simply check the boxes and select the drop-down categories you wish to include in your search, then select the "Search" button near the bottom of the page.

Based on your selections, the applicable incidents will appear on the map.

To learn which Beat you live in, click here to visit our Find Your Beat Sergeant page.


Neighborhood Crime Search

This tool allows users to enter an address and view all the police incidents that occurred within a half-mile of that address during the selected timeframe.