The Sky Watch Tower program empowers citizens to watch for any abnormal activities on large parking lots by observing from an air conditioned post approximately 20 feet above ground level. The towers will be stationed by Arlington Police Department personnel at strategic locations determined based on the level of criminal activities.

Volunteers normally work two-hour shifts. They will only report unusual activities they observe to the police dispatch station. Volunteers will be provided with training on how to operate the tower safely and how to notify police dispatch.

Typical locations where Sky Watch Towers have been deployed in the past are Parks Mall, LA Fitness parking lot, Cowboys Stadium parking lot, Fourth of July parade route, Six Flags Amusement Park, etc.


Qualifications Requirements

  • Complete specific Sky Watch Tower training

Work Locations

North, East, South, or West (view City of Arlington District map)

For more information on this program, please contact Victoria Johnson, the Community Services Coordinator at 817-459-5732.