Most Arlington Police Department employees are required to do their own administrative and clerical work. This is in addition to the actual work they are directed to do by APD on a daily basis. Volunteers can lighten their load by performing basic administrative tasks.


Examples of tasks and responsibilities

  • Sorting, filing, scanning, copying, and shredding functions.
  • Basic and advanced computer skills, using these and other application (Word, Excel Spreadsheet, Access Database, Power Point Presentation)
  • Inventory and reorganization of storage rooms, stocking supply areas, furniture moves, work area setup
  • Processing of arrest warrants for return to the courts. Volunteers will be asked to process documents as required for confidential transmittal to courts.

Qualifications Requirements

  • Advanced computer skills - creating spreadsheets, maintaining databases
  • Security Awareness Training

Examples of departments with the APD requiring volunteers

  • Crime Scene Unit
  • Economic Crimes
  • District Police Stations
  • APD Office of Communication
  • Fugitive Unit

Work Locations

North, East, South, or West (view City of Arlington District map)