Faith & Blue Weekend event

What is Faith & Blue Weekend?

Faith & Blue Weekend is a nationwide initiative that brings together law enforcement agencies and the faith-based community for a weekend of service, conversation, and fun.

It was launched in 2020 by an organization called MovementForward, Inc, which works to "protect, promote, and advance the civil and human rights of all people."

During Faith & Blue Weekend, which occurs each October, participating faith-based organizations host events that promote engagement between community members and police officers.

Past events have included block parties, community service projects, public safety forums, panel discussions, and prayer meetings.

Why does APD partner with faith-based organizations?

The Arlington Police Department believes the faith-based community plays a vital role in building a safer, more vibrant city. 

Churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other faith centers have extensive reach within the neighborhoods and communities they serve, and often have a good pulse on any problems or issues those communities are facing.

When law enforcement is able to connect with faith-based organizations, it opens new pathways to build relationships with community members, gives us additional channels to communicate important public safety information, and provides community members with a link to provide information and feedback to their police department. 

It's why APD proudly participates in National Faith & Blue Weekend.

APD at a Faith and Blue Weekend block party 

How can my organization participate in Faith & Blue Weekend?

If you'd like to host a Faith & Blue Weekend event, visit the Faith & Blue Weekend website and complete the submission form.

APD will then arrange for officers to attend your event.

Contact Us

If you have further questions about Faith & Blue Weekend or hosting an event, please contact:

Sgt. Vince Pewitt
APD Crime Prevention Unit
(817) 459-5726
[email protected]

You can also visit the National Faith & Blue Weekend website by clicking here