Active Drilling

1) AC360 (2000 S Watson Road)

  • City Council public hearing to consider Specific Use Permit SUP09-21R1 for gas drilling, to establish the location of a drill zone: June 9 - City Council, First Reading Denied 3-6.

2) Gas Well Permit Applications

  • On June 26, 2020, TOTAL submitted seven Gas Well Permit applications for the following wellheads:
    • Rocking Horse 1H
    • Rocking Horse 2H
    • Rocking Horse 3H
    • Rocking Horse 4H
    • Rocking Horse 10H
    • Rocking Horse 11H
    • Rocking Horse 12H

Workover Notification 

Please contact the Gas Well Team with any questions or concerns.

Gas Well Team

Tom Edwards
Gas Well Coordinator

Bryan Callahan
Gas Well Specialist