Building Code Board of Appeals

The function of the Building Code Board of Appeals is to hear appeals of the Building Official or Fire Marshall’s Interpretation Decision of the building codes, or to make a determination of alternate materials and/or methods of construction.

Electrical Board

The function of this Board is to hear appeals from decisions of the Building Official regarding the application and enforcement of the electrical code and to grant variances from the terms of the ordinance when necessary to carry out the intent and spirit of the ordinance. The decisions of the Board are final unless recourse is taken through District Court. 

Mechanical and Plumbing Board of Appeals

The Board may vary the application of any provision of the Mechanical Code or modify an order of the Building Official when, in its opinion, enforcement would do manifest injustice and would be contrary to the purpose of the Code. Recourse from decisions of this Board must be made through the District Court. 


Please see below for individual Boards' Public Notices.