Handitran offers online access for current customers who would like to schedule, cancel or check the current status of their rides. To begin using self-service, customers will contact Handitran office staff to be activated for use in the self-service system. Once a customer is activated, the self service system is easy to use by going to the web address https://arlington.ecolane.com/selfservice/login

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From the welcome screen customers can: Check the estimated time of arrival for current trips Create a new trip request Check trip times for future trips View account details

How to Schedule a Trip

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In the order screen, customers submit information into all (required) fields, including address (or point of interest previously input by a scheduler), requested pick-up or drop-off time, date of the trip, funding source and trip purpose of medical (MED), work (WRK), recreation (REC), essential (ESP) or school (SCH). Any personal assistants or companions who will be riding with the customer are also required.

Trip Detail Screen

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Customers can access trip details by clicking on a trip ID number on the welcome screen. From the detail screen, customers can re-request a trip by copying, order a return trip or cancel the trip.