Rhonda Shipp
Administrator Rhonda

Welcome to the City of Arlington Dispatch Services/Arlington 911 web site.

Arlington dispatch is a centralized dispatch center, meaning we answer all 911 and 10 digit number calls for police, fire and ambulance service at one central location. Our center answered 411,075 calls in FY 2016. Our goal is to answer 90% of all calls within ten seconds or less. We also dispatched 344,223 police calls, 44,405 fire calls, and 52,311 medical emergency calls in FY 2016. Our call takers are trained to handle all calls for service involving police, fire or medical emergencies. During their initial training academy and subsequent on-the-job training, they learn how to handle all police and fire calls. However, additional training is required before they’re able to take medical emergency calls. This specialized training consists of CPR and Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certifications, enabling them to give life saving instructions until help arrives. We take pride in the diversification of our dispatch center. We currently have several bi-lingual call takers to whom calls may be transferred from other call takers to help with language translation problems. In cases where there are no bi-lingual call takers available, Arlington 9-1-1 subscribes to the A T & T Language line which can translate over 140 languages. It is normally accessed using three-way calling to a 1-800 number. Each call take station is equipped with TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) equipment and our call takers are trained on procedures for taking calls from hearing impaired callers.