The “Donation Boxes” Chapter was adopted to Arlington’s City Code of Ordinances in 2016. A subsequent ordinance amendment was authorized and approved on August 21, 2018. This ordinance chapter provides regulations for donation boxes and establishes requirements for permits allowing the placement of donation boxes on approved open spaces on private property.

The requirements of this Chapter applies to all donation boxes within the city, regardless of the date the placement. Donation boxes placed prior to the effective date of the Donations Boxes Chapter will not be granted any legally non-conforming rights under this Chapter or the Unified Development Code Chapter of the Code of the City of Arlington. The purpose of this Chapter is to protect the public health, safety and welfare of Arlington residents by requiring the registration and permitting of donation boxes on private property within the city limits. Regulation of donation boxes further serves to protect the aesthetic well-being of the community and it promotes the tidy and ordered appearance of developed property. Donation boxes must be permitted and maintained in accordance to the Chapter.

Donation Box and Related Fees

Fee Description
Current Fee
Annual Permit Fee
Impoundment Fee
Daily Storage Fee

Required Application and Authorization Forms

Contact Misty Gutierrez at (817) 459-5986 to schedule a time to bring notarized application and notarized authorization with payment. Payment must be in exact change or by check only.

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More Information

For questions about permitting a donation box, please contact Misty Gutierrez at (817) 459-5986, or by email at [email protected].