Will You Be Our Foster?

Arlington Animal Services Needs Your Help!

We are always looking for people to join our program! As a foster for Arlington Animal Services, you will have the ability to choose your foster pet when the time is right for you. Follow the steps below and learn more!

Online Foster Application Steps

The Arlington Animal Services Center Foster Pet Program is currently recruiting fosters to open their hearts to our shelter pets in need. The foster coordinator will provide the fosters with needed supplies such as food and will assist fosters through the program.

The foster animals from the shelter include:

  • Kittens or puppies too young to be in the shelter environment
  • Temporary (short-term) emergency neonate kitten fosters
  • Animals that need a break from the shelter environment
  • Animals recovering from illness or injury
  • Pets with special medical or behavioral needs

The average stay in a foster home is two to four weeks. However, some animals stay only a few days while others will need to stay longer than four weeks.

There is always a slight health risk when exposing your pets to other animals, however, the health risks are minimal if the foster parent’s animals are currently vaccinated, maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, and are not too elderly or very young.


Complete the steps above to become a part of our team!

For more information, contact our Foster Coordinator at [email protected].