Image of the joyous, miraculous reuniting of Suzie Q with her pet parent, Jaime Templin, thanks to a microchip!Image of the moment Dora "the Explorer" is met at the airport by her pet parent, Anna Polland, thanks to conscientious Colorado Citizen, Padgie Kimmick, and Dora's microchip!Image of Animal Services Manager Chris Huff with Padgie Kimmick, Anna Polland and Dora the Explorer about to depart the Dallas Love Field Airport!Image of a joyous Anna Polland holding her beautiful black cat, Dora, in her car with Padgie Kimmick happily looking on.Image of Tuco (formerly Homer) at Arlington Animal Services holding his food bowl in his mouth and awaiting adoption.Image of Tuco, now a charismatic Instagram model with a global following holding his food bowl in his mouth, promoting Instagram@ADVENTURE_OF_TUCOImage of Tuco taken by his pet parent and photographer Clay Hayner, who adopted Tuco from Arlington Animal Services. Tuco is a Japanese Mastiff mix that is now a charismatic Instagram model. Tuco's life has been transformed, thanks to Mr. Hayner, into a life full of amazing adventures!

Arlington Animal Services rescues hundreds of animals each year discovered as lost strays - sometimes victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment. Many of these animals have been starved or are very injured, sick and under-socialized. It is truly amazing to observe the work and care of the dedicated Animal Services staff and volunteers as these animals are restored to good health and placed in wonderful adoption homes.

In some cases, these animals need more medical or behavioral care than can be provided in a shelter setting. In such instances foster care and adoption placement partners assist with the recovery.

It is a magic moment when a shelter animal is reunited with its owner through a microchip. Microchips can miraculously bring pets back to their owners, even after years and several hundreds of miles of separation.

It is also a rewarding experience when a shelter animal is adopted into a forever home with a loving, nurturing family. Arlington Animal Services is committed to providing optimal care and thoughtful placement of its adoptable animals.

The links below are just a few of the amazing success stories about special pets and people, brought together through a microchip or a pet adoption.

Arlington Animal Services sincerely appreciates responsible pet owners that microchip their pets, and those who choose to adopt a new pet. Microchips and pet adoptions not only save the lives of animals, but can restore, or be the beginning of a mutually rewarding relationship. Pets can provide health benefits for their owners and years of enjoyable companionship. If you have a special success story to share about being reunited with your pet through a microchip, or adopted from our center, email Arlington Animal Services.