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 State Law provides for the formation of an advisory committee to oversee and make recommendations regarding the operations of an animal shelter in towns with populations in excess of 75,000. ASCAB encourages responsible pet ownership by providing an animal registration program, field enforcement services, educational services, and life safety services. The humane care and successful placement of lost and unwanted animals, and the eradication of rabies from the community’s animal population are critical to successful operations. ASCAB membership consists of nine members: one licensed veterinarian; one City official other than an employee of Code Compliance Services; five citizen-at-large positions; one person whose duties include the daily operation of an animal shelter; and one representative from an animal welfare organization.

  • Monica Azzolini - Place 1, Chair
  • Peggy Pfursich - Place 2
  • Bao Dao - Place 3
  • April Pettitt - Place 4
  • Elin B. Jacks - Place 5
  • Inez Stephens - Place 6
  • Roger Owens - Place 7
  • Margaret McClure - Place 8
  • Ashley Woolnough - Place 9