Permit Requirements

  • Before filing an application for filming in Arlington, the Office of the City Manager
    must be contacted to discuss the production's specific filming requirements and the
    feasibility of filming in Arlington, TX.
  • If your production will include any of the following a specific permit or permission will
    need to be obtained:
  • Impacts a City right-of-way (Streets, Sidewalks, etc.)
  • Occurs on City owned property
  • Require Traffic control measures (barricades, lane closures, etc.)
  • Involves firearms
  • Involves pyrotechnics

Use of City Equipment & Personnel

  • The Applicant shall pay for all costs of any Police, Fire, Public Works, or other City
    personnel assigned to the project (whether or not specifically requested by the
    production). Remuneration rates for the use of any City equipment, including police
    cars and fire equipment, will be established on a case-by-case basis as determined by the City Manager.
  • Off-duty police officers and firefighters shall be paid by the production company at a
    rate no less than one and one-half times their hourly rate. Off-duty Arlington Police
    officers can be hired by calling APD at 817-459-5733.

Use of City-Owned Real Estate

  • The City Manager may authorize the use of any street, right-of-way, park or public
    building, use of Arlington, Texas name, trademark or logo and/or use of City
    equipment and/or personnel for commercial uses in motion picture production.
  • Although Globe Life Park in Arlington and AT&T Stadium are both owned by the City
    of Arlington, the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys, respectively, lease and operate
    their facilities and should be contacted directly relating to shoots on the property or
    inside the facilities.

Vehicles and Equipment

  • The Applicant shall provide a report listing the number of vehicles and types of
    equipment to be used during the filming, including proposed hours of use and
    proposed parking locations. Such locations will need to be specifically approved by
    the City Manager, or his or her designee. On-street parking or use of public parking
    lots is subject to City approval.