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Water Utilities
101 W. Abram St.
Arlington, Texas 76010
817-459-6600 (Phone)
817-459-6626 (Fax)

Customer Services
817-275-5931 (Phone)
817-459-6807 (Fax)

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The Arlington Water Utilities Department supplies water to more than 367,000 residents and has over 100,000 monthly accounts.  

How the Department is Structured

The department is comprised of three divisions (Business Services, Treatment and Operations) and 14 sections.  These sections play a significant role in assuring that you have a continuous supply of high quality water available to you 24 hours a day.  A brief description of those sections and their responsibilities are reflected below.


Administration is responsible for establishing and managing the strategic direction of the Water Utilities Department.

Water Financial Services

The Financial Services section works closely with all sections of the department and administers all of the financial activities such as developing financial policies, completing economic and financial analyses and water and wastewater rate studies and coordinating the development of the annual operating and capital budgets.


The Engineering section is responsible for reviewing and approving construction plans for water and sanitary sewer service and administration of the Water and Wastewater Capital Improvement Programs.  This section is also responsible for  handling all engineering related information on all water and sewer projects within the City of Arlington.

Information Services 

The Information Services section coordinates the purchase, development, integration, implementation and use of information systems.  This section is also responsible for developing and maintaining the Water Utilities Internet site and providing personal computer support to the department.

Customer Services

Customer Services establishes water, wastewater, storm drainage, and  garbage accounts in the utility billing system.  This section is responsible for billing customers and collecting payments for these services.

Meter Maintenance

Meter Maintenance is responsible for setting (or assuring the proper settings by qualified contractors) and maintaining all water meters in the system as well as providing timely and efficient customer service.  Compliance with water utility specifications and regulations is monitored and controlled.  Emergency services are provided 24 hours daily.

Additionally, this group provides field service to customers requesting assistance such as leak investigations or meter box replacements.

Meter Reading

Meter Reading is responsible for reading all the water meters in the system in a timely, accurate and efficient manner each month.


The Water Treatment Division is responsible for transporting untreated water to the water treatment facilities, treating the water to a safe condition as defined by State and Federal regulations, and pumping the treated water from the treatment plants to the City of Arlington's distribution system.  Additionally, the Section maintains all treatment facilities, pump stations, elevated storage tanks, wastewater lift stations, and the Lake Arlington Reservoir and dam.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services is the quality assurance and technical support arm of the Water Utilities Department.  It provides sampling and analytical services to Water Utilities, Police, Community Development, Public Works, and citizens.  The primary responsibilities are to ensure compliance with limits for chemical and bacteriological parameters established under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, and other federal and state regulations relating to water quality.

Field Operations

Field Operations is responsible for operating, maintaining, and repairing water lines, valves, fire hydrants, sewer lines and manholes.  Specialty crews televise sewers and collect field data.  This division also provides field assistance to customers, inspectors, and contractors.

This division is housed in two service centers.  The north office is located at 200 N Cooper St and the south office is located at 1100 SW Green Oaks Blv.

Water Resource Services

Water Resource Services inspects, permits, and monitors industries and businesses that discharge wastewater to the City's sanitary sewer system and transport and dispose of non-hazardous waste, to ensure their compliance with City codes and State and Federal regulations.  It conducts surveys, investigations, and enforcement efforts to protect Lake Arlington and Village Creek from environmental pollution.  It also provides pollution prevention, waste minimization, and cross connection control information to industrial customers.

Operations Support

The Operations Support section provides radio dispatch service for field repair crews, warehousing, and purchasing services for the Water Utilities Department.  Additionally, the section provides for parts delivery, placement of concrete for street patch preparation and repair and replacement of sidewalks, driveways and curbs that are removed during water and sewer repairs, and fleet management functions including targeting vehicle replacements and monitoring compliance with the terms of the Fleet Department Service Level Agreement.

Statement of Mission, Values and Principles

Arlington Water Utilities History

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