Rush Creek Watershed Study

A watershed (also called a basin or catchment) is an area of land that catches precipitation and drains to creeks, rivers, lakes, and beyond. The Rush Creek Watershed is the largest watershed in Arlington and includes portions of Kennedale, Mansfield, Fort Worth and the entirety of Pantego and Dalworthington Gardens. It has changed significantly over the past 40 years since the original floodplain mapping was produced by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the changes have impacted the floodplains and creeks.

The City of Arlington has undertaken a comprehensive watershed study of the Rush Creek Watershed. Its purpose are to:

  1. identify the breadth and degree of flood risk along Rush Creek;

  2. reduce risks by formulating flood management projects;

  3. assess channel erosion risks; and

  4. revise the FEMA flood maps so that flooding risk is better defined for Arlington residents

At the end of this study Arlington will be able to better manage flood risks in the Rush Creek watershed and understand what steps should be taken to minimize damage due to flooding and erosion.

This Study is funded through the stormwater utility fee, which funds the entire Stormwater Management Division of the Public Works Department. The Stormwater Management Division was established when the stormwater utility fee was gradually increased between 2007 and 2011. Prior to 2007, the stormwater fee paid mostly for inspections and minor repairs. The Stormwater Management Division now includes stormwater capital improvement projects, watershed studies, stormwater system maintenance and inspections, industrial inspections, construction site inspections, hazardous waste response, water quality sampling and stormwater education.


Your knowledge of flooding and erosion is indispensible to the creation of accurate watershed studies and a comprehensive stormwater program. Please contact us if you have drainage concerns in the City of Arlington to help determine the best uses for the funds generated by the stormwater utility fee.

Please contact us at 817-459-6550 or for general drainage concerns. For concerns specific to the Rush Creek Watershed Study, you can contact Audra Valamides, a Stormwater Engineer with the Arlington Stormwater Management Division, at 817-459-6590 or


Project evaluation criteria – to be posted in the future

Monthly executive report – to be posted in the future




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