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At the March 26th Public Meeting regarding park development of the former High Oak Terrace Apartments site, the Arlington Parks & Recreation Department presented a conceptual master plan showing a “big picture” plan for the future park. Based on feedback from this meeting, we’ve updated the conceptual master plan.

Also attached is a summary of the meeting discussions, filled-out comments cards, and any e-mailed or telephoned comments received before the meeting. Please feel free to pass this information on to your neighbors.

We will present this conceptual master plan to Park Board for approval on Monday, April 9th at 6:30 pm. You are welcome to attend this meeting.”

Comments and questions are welcomed and should be directed to:
Briana Morrison, Parks Project Manager
Phone: 817-459-6196

1-31-2012 Public Meeting – The City held a public meeting on a proposed change of use of the vacant property located at the intersection of North Bowen Road and Wesley Drive. The attached notice provides details about the meeting, which was held at Arlington City Hall at 6:00 p.m.

bullet Public Notice & Request for Public Comment
bullet View the 01/31/12 presentation

UPDATE MAY 2008:  The redevelopment project at the former High Oak Terrace Apartments is currently on hold.  The City proposes to remove HOME funds from the project to allow additional time for development when housing market conditions improve.  The City also proposes to amend the 2005-2010 Consolidated Plan and 2007 Annual Action Plan to expand the Central Arlington Neighborhood Revitalization Area (NRSA) to include the High Oak property.  This expansion will not change the plan to construct 11 quality, affordable, single family units at High Oak, but will allow CDBG funds to be used as part of a comprehensive housing strategy in the target area.  The five-year strategy in the 2005-2010 Consolidated Plan includes housing rehabilitation of existing single-family, owner-occupied homes, architectural barrier removal for persons with disabilities, construction of new owner-occupied housing, and mixed-use development.

The attached notice was sent to area residents about the proposed amendment. 

bullet High Oak Update Flyer
bullet 2008 Proposed Amendment Summary

The City will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 6:00pm in the Arlington Human Service Center, 401 W. Sanford, Room 110, Arlington, Texas, 76011.  Beginning Monday, May 26, 2008, the public may comment on the proposed amendments for 30 days ending Tuesday, June 24, 2008.  The Arlington City Council is expected to review these amendments on Tuesday, July 1, 2008.

Public comments should be submitted in writing to Grants Management Division at 501 W. Sanford Street, Suite 10, Arlington, Texas 76011 or by fax at 817-459-6253, or email to


The High Oak Terrace Apartments were constructed in 1970 and consisted of 132 units. Numerous code complaints and reports of crime were recorded in 2002 and 2003. In 2003, the property failed City and federal inspections and the tenants were relocated. The resulting high vacancy caused the property owners to default on their loan, and the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) foreclosed in 2004.

The City saw an opportunity to replace substandard multi-family rental housing with single family owner occupied housing, and purchased the property in August 2004 with HUD funds. The remaining tenants were relocated and the property was demolished using HUD funds. The City also purchased adjacent properties, relocated the tenants, and demolished the structures with HUD funds. PHOTOGRAPHS – View photographs of the High Oak Terrace Apartments prior to, during and after demolition.

LOCATION MAP (pdf) – This map shows the entire 12.1 acre parcel to be redeveloped. The 12.1 acre project site is located on the northwest corner of Bowen and Wesley, approximately 3/8 mile north of Division Street.

10-3-06 COMMUNITY MEETING – Highlights from the October 3, 2006 meeting.

Public comments, recommendations, and Q & A (pdf)

12-2-06 COMMUNITY MEETING – A High Oak Redevelopment Community meeting was held at the Arlington Convention Center on December 2, 2006. Approximately 50 community members participated. After opening comments by Council Member Kathryn Wilemon, participants were provided with the opportunity to discuss their ideas and opinions in smaller working groups of approximately 12 persons in each group. Each group was facilitated by an architect and staff from the Community Planning and Development Department. Participant’s shared their opinions for the redevelopment project, and architects drew a visual representation of the ideas presented.

The ideas presented were consolidated and a design plan that followed the recommendations of the community was developed. Planning staff, as well as relevant City departments such as Fire and Public Works were consulted to determine the feasibility of the proposed design. The City shared the design plan with the community in January 2007.

Go to the following headings for more information about the December 2, 2006 community meeting:

Community Meeting Agenda (pdf)

Participants' comments and recommendations (pdf)

Slideshow – Photographs of the Community Meeting (pdf)

Exit survey results (pdf)

2-15-07 COMMUNITY MEETING – A community meeting was held at the Southeast Tarrant County Arlington Human Services complex on February 15, 2007. Over 50 citizens attended, including Council Member Kathryn Wilemon. City staff provided an overview of the project to date and displayed an illustrative site plan depicting site and design recommendations received at prior community meetings. Staff reported that in December 2006, City Council provided direction to reject all proposals received and re-issue the request for proposals (RFP). The process of re-issuing the RFP provided an opportunity to amend the document to better portray the desires of the community and to strengthen documentation required by HUD.

The community meeting provided an opportunity for citizens to review a draft of the RFP and provide input. Participants’ comments and recommendations are summarized for review at the link below. Go to the following links for additional information about the February 15, 2007 community meeting:

Community Meeting Agenda (pdf)

PowerPoint Presentation from Staff (pdf)

Participants' comments and recommendations (pdf)

Illustrative Site Plan (pdf)

Slideshow – Photographs of the Community Meeting

REVISED RFP - On March 2, 2007, the City of Arlington released a revised RFP for the redevelopment of High Oak Terrace. The City sought a qualified developer to develop the site into a mixed income, high quality, single-family residential development. A copy of the RFP can be downloaded from the link below.

Request for Proposals (pdf)

Request for Proposals Addendum #1 (pdf)

Request for Proposals Addendum #2 (pdf)

Request for Proposals Addendum #3 (pdf)

Request for Proposals Addendum #4 (pdf)

Request for Proposals Addendum #5 (pdf)

Request for Proposals Addendum #6 (pdf)

Metes and Bounds (pdf)

Exhibit H (xls)

Additional information: The City of Arlington's map room is located on the first floor of City Hall, 101 W. Abram Street. Tax map E08 contains information about existing City water and sewer lines on the project site. In addition, the following maps identify storm/drain and water utility lines.

High Oak Terrace Property Storm (pdf)

High Oak Terrace Property Water (pdf)

In May 2007 the City received two proposals in response to the High Oak Redevelopment project revised RFP from two interested developers. Through the RFP process, developers were asked to provide a plan for the redevelopment of the 12.919 acre site into a single family residential neighborhood complimenting the existing neighborhoods. Nearby property owners took an active role in providing City staff with specific elements of the development that they considered desirable. Because of federal grants funds invested in the property, the RFP included the requirement that a minimum of eleven of the homes developed be made affordable to households earning less than 80% of the area median income.

An evaluation panel consisting of staff from Real Estate Services, Community Development and Planning, Community Services, and Public Works evaluated the proposals received. The City Council selected a developer for the project; however, the applicant withdrew his application due to current market conditions.  No additional requests have been received to date.

For additional information please contact Grants Management at 817-459-6258.

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