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Building Equitable Communities

Neighborhood Organization

Sometimes the first step can be the hardest. If you are just getting started with your neighborhood organization efforts, the Neighborhood Organizational Handbook can be a helpful tool.

Neighborhood Planning

A Neighborhood Plan, which is the official City policy regarding the future of a neighborhood, contains recommendations that are developed by the residents of the neighborhood itself and then approved by City Council. After adoption, the Neighborhood Plan becomes part of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Neighborhood Planning program is an effort to address both opportunities for change and promote stability in neighborhoods. More

ASNI Quarterly Reports

The University of Texas at Arlington is committed to being a good neighbor to Arlington and area residents. Check out their website,, to get Campus Development updates, as well as information about University facilities, benefits, discounts and upcoming Events.

Strong Neighborhood Initiative Areas of Focus


Conservation Districts

Conservation District Overlay allows a neighborhood to achieve neighborhood goals through customized regulations intended to protect or enhance the character of a particular neighborhood. Existing structures or lots are not made nonconforming by a conservation district. The emphasis is rather on requiring new construction be similar in character with the existing neighborhood.

If the neighborhood plan recommends any type of zoning change, the neighborhood may apply for the change as part of the implementation. More

Neighborhood Initiative Brochure

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