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Arlington Mayor
Dr. Robert Cluck

Welcome to Arlington, Texas and our home on the Web. We are a community of more than 364,000 people located in the heart of North Texas. We are the third largest city in the region and the seventh largest in Texas. We are the 50th largest city in the U.S.

Arlington is home to Texas Rangers Major League Baseball, AT&T Stadium, Six Flags Over Texas and Hurricane Harbor, the Arlington Music Hall, the University of Texas at Arlington and Tarrant County College. We are a popular meeting place for conventions and trade shows and the location for the finest hotels and restaurants in the country. We continue to be the family destination for more than 6 million visitors a year.

Arlington is a city built on two words: "We Can."

We can and will have the safest neighborhoods in North Texas. We can and will bring good jobs to our city. We can and will make our city operate efficiently. We can and will improve traffic mobility on our streets and highways.

Our citizens expect their local government to work hard. They expect government to listen to their concerns and operate in the best interests of the community.

As elected city officials, the citizens of Arlington have honored us with their vote. In return, we will honor them with our dedication and hard work.

This website contains thousands of pages of news and information about the City of Arlington. Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to seeing you.

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Dr. Robert Cluck
City of Arlington, Texas




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