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The Food Establishment Inspection Scores document lists the name of the facility (in alphabetical order), the location of the facility, the description of the type of inventory, date of last inspection with the service description and number of demerits received by the facility.

Food Establishment Inspection Scores (pdf)

Inspection scores can range from 0 to 100 demerits

0 is excellent
100 is unacceptable

0 demerits
means no critical violations were seen at the time of inspection.

15 demerits could be considered an average inspection score.

25 demerits or above requires a re-inspection of the establishment.

Risk Level Determination

The most effective and efficient use of resources is realized when services are focused on food establishments that serve the City’s most fragile citizens and food establishments that demonstrate disregard for the rules designed to protect public health.

Level I

Any food establishment that receives a satisfactory score on their most recent routine inspection and has had no complaint investigation within the past year resulting in a “Confirmed” finding shall be considered a Level I or low risk when determining inspection frequency.

Level II

All food establishments serving highly susceptible populations, such as public and private schools, child care kitchens, medical facilities, and those facilities serving ready to eat foods in a less than fully cooked form shall be considered Level II or medium priority when determining inspection frequency.

Level III

All food establishments, in any priority level, receiving a score of 25 or greater on their last routine inspection or having a complaint investigation resulting in a “Confirmed” finding shall be considered a Level III or high risk when determining inspection frequency. A score of 25 or greater shall result in an additional scored inspection performed within 30 days of the failing inspection. As many additional scored and/or un-scored inspections will be conducted as necessary to ensure compliance and public health. Complaints shall result in the conducting of an investigation that may or may not include scored or un-scored inspections.

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