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Purchasing Division
101 S. Mesquite St./8th Floor
Arlington, Texas 76010

Phone: 817-459-6300
Fax:    817-459-6334





What are the Purchasing Division's business hours?

Business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  To ensure Purchasing Agent availability, please call 817-459-6300 to schedule an appointment with the appropriate Agent. 

We have not physically moved, but as of January 1, 2008, the address shall be listed as 101 S. Mesquite St. / 8th Floor / Arlington, TX 76010

Turning in a bid/proposal? Please be advised that due to the recent addition of the Municipal Courts, our building is secure-access only.  Bidders must prepare and anticipate the time taken to clear the metal detector and/or property search.  No allowances will be made concerning late bids.

How can I find City construction bid opportunities?

  • Visit the Public Works link on the left-column menu.

How does the City of Arlington obtain quotes?

For the purchase of non-construction basic supplies and services, the City has adopted a "decentralized" purchasing model.  Individual departments are authorized to purchase items, to a certain dollar threshold, without the direct involvement of the Purchasing Division.  Departments are required to abide by all City policies concerning procurement of goods and services. 

A department is required to obtain at least three informal bids (written, faxed, or email quotations) when a purchase is between $3,000 and $50,000.  A good-faith effort will be made, in such instances, to locate two Tarrant County HUB vendors to participate in the quotation process.  Informal bids are also subject to City of Arlington Terms and Conditions.

All City Departments may purchase certain, non-contracted supplies, materials, or services up to a maximum of $2,999.99 without informal quotes.  Most of these types of purchases are now made on the City procurement card, however, use of Purchase Orders (PO) is still an acceptable method for this type of purchase.

Who can do business with the City of Arlington?

Any person, business, or corporate entity, under most circumstances, is eligible to become a City vendor. 

Where can I register with the City of Arlington?

Sign up on the City's SUPPLIER PORTAL.

For a modest $25 fee, you can register your firm and designate the types of bid opportunity notifications desired based on chosen commodity codes.  Suppliers may also upload their M/WBE Certification, where applicable.

The Purchasing Division will continue to advertise bids as required by law in the Star-Telegram and post bid notices on DemandStar, but registration with the City will only be through the new Supplier Portal.   

A link to the Supplier Portal, and instructions on how to register are also available on the City's main web page, under Bid Opportunities.  

For any advertised bid opportunities, suppliers can also contact the Purchasing Division at, to request information or assistance.  Hard copies of Purchasing Division bid packets are also available for pick-up at our 101 S. Mesquite St., 8th Floor, Receptionist's desk.

What if I am a Minority or Woman-owned business?

The City recognizes certification through both the State of Texas (HUB) and associated agencies.  Also accepted are TxDot and NCTRCA (North Texas Regional Certification Agency).  Vendors need only submit copies of their certificate or an "under evaluation" letter with any bids or quotes, or upload the documents when registering on the Supplier Portal.

How are commonly-used goods and services procured?

In an effort to take advantage of large-volume pricing, the City often uses annual contracts to purchase commonly-used goods and services. Such contracts are based on the results of a sealed bid or proposal, and may be multi-year with renewal options.  To review existing contracts and expiration dates, click on Current Goods/Services Contracts.

What is a sealed bid?

A sealed bid is defined as the attempt to obtain best pricing or value through competition.  It is required for purchases of more than $50,000.  The bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope at the appointed place of opening, prior to the appointed time of opening.  The bid must be submitted on provided documents and be signed by an appropriate authority within the bidder's company, authorized to commit the vendor to terms and conditions contained within the bid packet.  Bids arriving after the appointed time shall be returned unopened.

For any purchase within a fiscal year that has an anticipated, aggregate total of $50,000 or greater, the Purchasing Division will conduct the solicitation for sealed bids (as required by law).  Sealed bids are advertised in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and must be submitted in accordance with bid packet specifications. 

All purchases are made through the appropriate competitive bid process in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and Local statutes, as well as City of Arlington Purchasing Policy.  Failure to follow specifications or submit the bid at the appropriate time and place, will result in non-consideration of the bid.  Falsifying bid documents is a serious violation and shall result in vendor suspension from doing business with the City.

City Council approves all purchases (one-time or contract) for goods and services over $50,000.

What is a bid opening and may I attend?

A bid opening is the official reading of the bids/proposals received by the due date, as specified by the bid documents.  The bid opening process is open to the public.  All vendors responding to the bid(s) are strongly encouraged to attend the openings, however, questions concerning any aspect of the bid are not addressed at a bid opening.

How do I view the results of recent bids or recommended awards?

If the solicitation is handled through the Purchasing Division, the bid tabulation and all resulting awards may also be viewed on Onvia (DemandStar) or by emailing the Purchasing Division at

*How does the City handle grievances?

Bid Remedy: Any actual bidder or proposer who believes they are aggrieved as a result of a bid or proposal from the City of Arlington may file a formal protest.  The Purchasing Division must receive the written protest within five (5) business days after the public posting of the Recommended Award on DemandStar/Onvia. 

Only written protests will be considered and the letter should concisely detail the grievance, the actual bid law violated, and request an inquiry/outcome.  During the investigation of the grievance, no award shall be made.   Protests shall be directed to:

Debra Twinam, CPPO, CPPB Purchasing Manager/ City of Arlington

101 S. Mesquite St. / 8th Floor / Arlington, TX 76010

Upon completing the investigation will notify the protesting party in writing, detailing the results of the inquiry.  The decision of the City is final.  A detailed protest procedure is available by request.  Click on the Email Us link in the left-column menu.

What if my company sells technology or data services?

Purchases made in the area of communications, data or technology shall be procured using the appropriate sealed competitive procedure, in accordance with Texas Local Government Code.  Specific questions can be directed to the technology Purchasing Agent by clicking on the Email Us link in the left-column menu or sending an email to

How does the City dispose of Surplus Property?

The Purchasing Division is authorized to dispose of all surplus, seized, and confiscated property for the City of Arlington.  Goods are disposed of through the services of Rene Bates Auctioneers, Inc.

The preferred method of disposal is on-line public auction.  Interested parties* may register with the auctioneer.  All surplus item disposals will be announced in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram and on this web page.  Visit Rene Bates Auctioneers, Inc. at to review auction dates, item information, photos, and submit bids.

*City employees and their families are prohibited from participating in COA auctions.

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