Flood Preparedness Novella (Comic): The Rescue League Academy in “Sink or Swim.”
Floods can happen anywhere and at any time. Make sure you are prepared! Download this entertaining and educational guide. Print copies are available in limited quantities and must be requested by emailing
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Citizen’s Stormwater Guide, Recipient of the 2011 CLIDE Award, is now available!
Everything you need to know about water pollution prevention is included in this guide. Print copies are available in limited quantity and must be requested by emailing
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Need A Speaker?
Does your classroom need a speaker?
Are your students interested in storm water quality and pollution prevention?
The City of Arlington has speakers available for general presentations concerning water quality and pollution.
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Blowing or Sweeping Leaves or Grass Clippings in the Streets is a Violation
Did you know that grass clippings and tree leaves are considered a source of pollution when washed directly into storm drains? Any material swept or blown into neighborhood streets and curb inlets along our city streets enter storm drains. The storm drains carry that waste material to one of our creeks here in Arlington. Too many grass clippings and leaves cloud the water and block the sunlight that is essential to aquatic life. And, as they decompose, can lower the oxygen content of the water which can also harm fish and other living things.
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arrowFlood Safety Awareness Week is March 18-22

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