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Garage sales may be conducted not more than twice per calendar year and not to exceed three (3) consecutive days. Permits are not required.

The City allows temporary garage sales directional signs* as long as they adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Schedule: Signs are allowed on the weekend between noon Friday and noon Monday. A holiday falling on Friday or Monday will be considered part of the weekend and an additional day will be granted before or after the weekend as applicable.

2. Size: Signs shall not exceed 24"x 30" in size and shall not exceed three (3) feet in height when measured from the ground to the top of the sign.

3. Location:

  1. Signs shall not be closer than 40 feet to a street intersection.

  2. Signs must be placed behind sidewalks. Where there is no sidewalk, signs must be placed no nearer than ten (10) feet from the street curb or edge of pavement.

  3. Signs shall not be placed in a motorist’s "visibility triangle" as defined in the Streets Ordinance. Generally, signs must not restrict motorists’ visibility.

  4. Signs shall not be placed more than three (3) miles from the subject property.

  5. Signs shall not be placed in any State right of way. (Texas Department of Transportation regulation)

  6. Signs shall not be placed within any street median.

  7. Signs shall not be placed on utility poles or fixed objects within the City right of ways.

*It is the responsibility of the person placing the sign to secure permission of the adjacent property owner before placing a sign. It is also their responsibility to remove the sign as described above.

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