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Code Compliance
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Examples of fence violations corrected

Zoning regulations require property owners to maintain their fences in a structurally sound condition. Code Compliance requires owners to remove, repair, or replace fences identified in violation. (Removal is not an option where a pool barrier fence is involved or when zoning regulations specifically require a fence.)

A fence is considered dilapidated if 10% of its pickets or structural members are damaged, missing or rotted; or if any 8 foot section is more than 15% off vertical alignment.

New fences and replacement fences that replace 50% or more of one side of a fence require permits from Building Inspections. The posts and rails of a new fence must not be exposed to an adjacent street, in other words, the smooth side of a fence must face an adjacent public street. Also, as of 2009 when new residential design standards were adopted, both new and replacement wooden fences must have metal posts. Please refer to the Wood Fence General Construction Standards for other wood fencing requirements.

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