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Code Compliance
Mail Stop 63-0700
P. O. Box 90231
Arlington, Texas 76004-3231

Phone: 817-459-6777
Fax: 817-459-6772


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Each year, Code Compliance inspects each apartment complex in Arlington in an effort to maximize the safety of the occupants. Inspectors work to ensure that fire hazards, structural defects, and other violations are eliminated.

In addition, tenants may contact Code Compliance to report violations, such as lack of hot water, heat, air conditioning, or non-functioning appliances. Before calling, please give your apartment management an opportunity to correct the problem.

Code Compliance encourages all tenants to pay close attention to outside storage on patios and balconies. Unkept balconies are unattractive and may be considered unclean premises. In addition, grills/smokers are not allowed on patios or balconies.

Inadequate swimming pool barriers are a common problem in apartment communities. If you see a gate that does not close and latch by itself or a problem with a fence surrounding a pool, please contact Code Compliance immediately. A child’s life may depend on it.

The following fees relating to City of Arlington Multi-Family & Extended Stay Properties:

Fees Pursuant to Uniform Housing Chapter

Permit Type


Permit Validity

Annual Multi-Family Apartment (Per Unit) $13.80

Per Unit

Annual Extended Stay (Per Unit) $86.04 Per Unit
Multi-Family Reinspection Fee (Per Inspection) $150

Per Inspection

Extended Stay Reinspection Fee (Per Inspection) $150 Per Inspection

Failure to pay billed amounts upon receipt may result in citation issuance and referral of account to the City Attorney for collections.

For additional information, please call 817-459-6777.

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