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Questions And Answers

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Have a question about living in the city of Arlington?
The following list of Frequently Asked Questions may help you find the answer.

Quality of Life

  • Where can I find out how to set up utility accounts, along with other information for newcomers?
  • I have a problem with a city service.
  • I want to report an environmental problem:

    Drinking Water - 817-459-5900

    Sanitary Sewer - 817-459-5900

    Water Pollution in Creeks - 817-459-6550

    Air Quality -TCEQ - 817-588-5800

    Indoor Air Quality - Texas Dept. of Health - 817-264-4500

    Asbestos - Texas Dept. of Health - 817-264-4500

  • Tell me about my public library.
  • I need information about city-owned recreational facilities.
  • I want to adopt a pet.
  • How can I contact the U.S. Postal Service?
    Arlington's main Post Office is located at 300 E. South St. in Arlington.   Call 1-800-275-8777 for information.
  • On what days will Arlington Disposal not be picking up garbage?
    No garbage or recycling pickups are scheduled for the following holidays:

    New Year's Day
    Fourth of July
    Labor Day
    Thanksgiving Day

Bills & Tickets

  • I have a question about my water bill.
  • I have a question about a parking ticket.
    Contact Municipal Court at 817-275-5970.


Health Issues

Legal Matters

  • We want to get married.
    Contact the Arlington Sub-Courthouse at 817-548-3928.


  • What incentives is the city offering to help my business?
  • I need a license for my business.
    Contact Building Inspections Office at 817-275-3271.

Public Safety

  • I have information about a crime.
  • Stadium Area Crime Analysis (PDF)
  • How can I contact a speaker on public safety for my school/organization/neighborhood?
    Contact the Police Dept. Community Services Division at 817-459-5725.

Permits & Licenses

  • How do we get a marriage license?
    Contact the Arlington Sub-Courthouse at 817-548-3928.

Social Services

  • I am in need of housing assistance.
    Contact the Housing Assistance Office at 817-275-3351.



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