October 27, 2011


National Award Goes to City’s Purchasing Division for 8th Consecutive Year

The City of Arlington’s Purchasing Division has been awarded the prestigious Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award (AEP) for 2011 from the National Purchasing Institute (NPI). What makes this honor recognizing organizational excellence within the procurement function significant is that this is the eighth consecutive year the City has been selected.

“What the Purchasing staff has done in earning this award is nothing short of astonishing,” said Purchasing Manager Debra Twinam. “What it means is that Arlington has developed policies and procedures that keep us on the cutting edge.”

The award is earned by those organizations that demonstrate excellence by obtaining a high score based on standardized criteria measuring procurement innovation, professionalism and productivity of the staff, and e-procurement, which is correctly using electronic and web-based applications to gain better efficiency.

Sponsored by several national professional associations, including The Institute of Supply Management (ISM), The National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP), and California Association of Public Purchasing officers (CAPPO), the AEP award isn’t just set aside for city governments. Jurisdictions of various types are eligible to win – including counties, school districts, states, special districts, and public and private universities. Of government entities, only 35 in Texas earned the award, and nationally Arlington is one of just 56 cities to accomplish this feat.

Because criteria for the award changes yearly, organizations must constantly make sure they are using nationally accepted practices.

Twinam said the Purchasing Division, which is responsible for the purchase of non-construction goods and services for all City departments, continually seeks ways to implement systems and protocols to save money and run effectively and efficiently, all while maintaining high quality. The division serves both customers and vendors through cooperative and proactive procurement practice.

This is important to Arlington residents, Twinam said, because purchasers must be good stewards of taxpayer money, ensuring that funds are being spent in accordance with Texas statutes and national best practices.

“Purchasers are given a grave responsibility that the taxpayers’ money is being spent in a manner inline with statue and regulation, but also in a way that gives us the best value for every dollar we attempt to spend,” Twinam said. “Earning this award eight years running tells me that Arlington’s purchasing staff is consistently innovative and forward thinking.”

To learn more about the City of Arlington Purchasing Division and procurement opportunities, visit www.arlingtontx.gov and click on Purchasing.


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