August 14, 2009

Back 2 School
City Helps to Ensure A Safe Return to Class

Bells will soon be ringing throughout the city as classes resume on Aug. 24.

This summer, the City of Arlington has worked to ensure a safe return to school as more traffic hits city streets and highways. Traffic patterns are being reviewed and signals in school zones are being operationally tested for the first morning of class on Monday, Aug. 24.

On Aug. 12, the City teamed up with the Arlington Independent School District to talk about H1N1 influenza and how to slow its spread as the new school year begins. “We’re here to take some of the fear out of both types of influenza,” said Mayor Robert Cluck.

H1N1 influenza and the common seasonal flu can be avoided with good hygiene, the mayor said. School district officials are reminding parents and guardians to keep children home when they are ill.

On August 20, the City will test all of its signals in school zones, according to Field Operations Manager Allen Jones. In areas throughout the city, Public Works and Transportation is surveying street markings, signs and staffing needs for school crossing guards. The city has more than 85 crossing guards trained and ready for the first day, Streetlight Systems Administrator Chris Baker.

Inside schools, the city’s Community Services Department is conducting food-based inspections of school cafeterias and daycare facilities.

With lights about to start flashing around the city again, the Police Department reminds motorists to slow down in school zones. Watch for buses, children and pedestrians.

Just in time for the new school year, the Public Library System will launch a new library card campaign just for teens. Visit for more details about the Sept. 8 kick-off event and special contests.

When Yellow School Zone Lights Are Flashing:

  1. Slow Down. All vehicles should travel at or below 20 mph.
  2. Focus on the Road. Avoid distractions such as the cell phone, radio and makeup.

What you can expect to pay when failing to stop or remain stopped for a school bus loading or unloading using visual signage.


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